Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prada Marfa

Yesterday I said it was easy to get up and go from here...but I was wrong. It was rather difficult to hit the road this morning. Hard to leave this beautiful/peaceful spot knowing that I was heading to a huge sprawling city. 700 plus miles and just over 12 hours later, here I am in Circle City just north of Phoenix. It really struck me when I saw the lights covering the entire horizon as I neared Phoenix. Buzzing over the freeways past the hideous uncontrolled growth of the city made me long for my quiet/dark dirt road.

Putting all that aside - it will be nice to visit with family for a couple of days and the consumer in me has every choice imaginable within a ten mile radius. The long drive has its scenic rewards when passing through Texas Canyon in Arizona, but the highlight of the trip is this lone art installation along Hwy 90 in the middle of nowhere just outside of Valentine, TX.

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