Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3000 gallons

Had a big crew in for breakfast...including Benita and Guillermo. No sign of Beatrice for weeks now. I thing Angelina must be in heat because the bulls - Sergio and Otis - were after her all day....Sergio seemed to have won first "rights" (after all...his scrotum is black and Otis' is pink with freckles). Snacked them all then primed the north side of the container getting the face lift. Had an other visit at the Field Lab then headed in to the Grub Shack for lunch. Three hours later (after some networking?) Ronald headed out with me back home so I could pick up my tow hitch. He got the honor of hand feeding Guillermo...I bought another 3000 gallon water tank from the Ranch Supply Store because they suddenly went on sale (20% off ) ....I saved 300 dollars on this latest purchase that will bring my total storage capacity to 12,650 gallons. We picked up Chucks trailer and carted the tank home. Dropped Ronald and the trailer off and came back to cut in around the hardware on the door side of the NW container...took 2 1/2 hours in between a couple of brief raindrops...finished up at 8:30PM just as Chuck'n'Kathy came out to give our friend Jesse a tour of the Field Lab. Benita followed them in and had a late dinner.


lexstok said...

Benita sure gets a lot of lovin !

Allen Hare said...

Hey, that trailer is starting to look real good. 12650 is a lot of gallons of water. It's great that you have that capacity. You may have mentioned this earlier, but, how do you get the water out of the tanks? Do you just drain it into a bucket, then carry it to wherever you need it? And, how about getting water up into the solar heated shower, can you pump it up there, or do you have to carry it up by hand? That's sad news about Leon's dog. Domesticated dogs are not really equiped to survive out in the wild, I guess. Thanks again for the daily updates.

MsBelinda said...

I am glad Benita stuck around for another day...must have gotten word that she is no longer your favorite.

Isn't Angelina the longhorn that just had a calf?

Wow you have lot of water storage capacity, all you need now is the rain.

Did Leon go back home?

David said...

Are you planning to prime/paint/seal the bottoms of the containers? I'd imagine you get some condensation under there in the mornings.

bigfoot567 said...

Hey John W...whatever happened to Leon..did you guys ever find him?

And if you get out around my place to the north of you....could you stop by and put an eyeball on it for me?

No undies hanging on the line this time. sorry.

Hope you get some rain soon...but may not start for a couple of months.

Bill & Caren here in FTW.

Thanks dude