Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The end of high prices!

Just between you and me...I reckon the Big Bend Ranch Supply is shutting down very soon...closed...ka-put...out of business. Why else do you suppose they have been offering deep discounts lately. Not to worry...everyone will probably save money by shopping smarter and not falling for the expensive convenience. I sure won't miss their 150% markup on the 80lb. bags of concrete mix...

Managed to cut in most of the SW container today. Made a Grub Shack and Study Butte run during the hot hours. Just about finished up the painting at 8PM and had a solar cooked dinner on the veranda. Guillermo got pretty cozy in the shade this morning while I worked around the door hardware. Benita was here all day as well and got rewarded with 2 Yucca blooms this afternoon.


boborama said...

Interesting. Not sure what to make about your comments on the ranch supply store...will they shut down? I'm sure that they have transportation and storage costs above and beyond Wal-Mart, thus the higher prices? The worth of a thing is what it will bring--would it be better to travel further, burn more fuel, and spend more time to buy the same items? Sounds like you got a good deal on the water tanks, and got to buy locally. Am I missing something here?

Plus, it looks like they sell beer. That can't be all bad.

On another note, you clearly identify with the longhorns, and that's cool. Have you ever thought about adopting a couple or three local dogs, so you have someone to look out for, and someones to look out for you? They could become a vital part of the field lab, working members, as it were.

Just a thought.

Michael said...

Hi John!
It's your cousin (Aunt Jean's son) Mike in Arizona! I found you (with help from mom). Will be adding your blog to my favorites.

In the meantime, as I stretch and get familiar with the surroundings, I must ask if the local ranch supply stocks any beers from Independence Brewing (a Texas brewery) or just the usual over the counter swill from the big 2? Hope you are well; you're certainly keeping busy. Perhaps you could add home brewing to your list of lab projects?

Allen Hare said...

Your comments about Big Bend Ranch Supply remind me of the early history of the Terlingua Store. On a trip to Terlingua a couple years ago, I picked up a copy of the very informative book "Quicksilver: Terlingua and the Chisos Mining Co." by Kenneth Baxter Ragsdale. There is a chapter in the book called "The Biggest Store Between Del Rio and El Paso". They had a monopoly for sure, with a steep mark-up going to the owner of the mine, town, and store, Mr. Howard E. Perry. They "sold everything from a spool of thread to a windmill. Everything but fresh meat". The store is still there today.
Cool picture of Guillermo chillin' in the shade.

rj said...

Could be they are just needing cash flow and are selling closer to their cost. A 20% reduction on a tank probably isn't at cost yet.

Lots of higher priced retailers are feeling the effects of reduced buying.

neil said...

That Nikon seems to be holding it's own!

trevor.reichman said...

A big hint is that Big Bend Ranch Supply is for sale. I find that bags of portland cement are only 50 cents more here at the Ranch Supply than in town. But going into town and back is an extra 40 miles, so I'd rather buy them here. Bags of cement are about $4 less in Alpine and about $6 less in Mexico for a much bigger bag. Transportation costs out here are a real killer.

Ben in Texas said...

Did some digging around,, Seems Ranch Supply is for sale!!

Here is the link I found.

Sorry I don't know how to make that a clickie thing

That would maybe explain the changes?

neil said...

Ben in Texas..

That clicky thing is done by putting the opening and closing html tag for a link around your text. See this page for a demo... - Tryit Editor