Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Buy!

Still winding down after the press schmooze fest.  Sleep interrupted last night by heavy winds out of the north from 2 - 5AM.  20 - 40mph gusts.  Broke away to Alpine for most of the day to stock up on solar oven parts and such.  Today's "BEST BUY" are hinges from True Value Hardware.  If you are ever in the market for good/beefy fixed pin steel hinges - check out the welding section in your local True Value Hardware Store.  I reckon these are a "steal" because they don't have screw holes in them.

Made the usual rounds - Johnson Feed, McCoys, Big Bend Telephone, The Cheshire Cat, Grub.  Didn't have to swing by Bennett's house since I ran into him at the gun counter at the hardware store.  On the way home, I stopped to photograph the spot where the latest big brush fire brushed the edge of HYW 118.  The Cienega Mountain fire scorched over 8,000 acres before finally giving up.  53,67,46,0,W

Side note:  Benita's 23rd birthday comes up a month from today - If you are so inclined...please mail a birthday card to her for the Field Lab archives:
Benita c/o John Wells
2500 Mailbox Rd.
Alpine, TX  79830


Tim said...
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Allen Hare said...

Can't wait to read the story. Staying tuned for the link.

Shopping for Birthday Cards this week!

Looking forward to the Benita Mug order info. Ok Hwa and I will have to have a matched set.

Hope all is well. Best of luck with whatever's next.

MsBelinda said...

You have not mentioned Benito in a LONG time....will he be giving his grandmother a card?

Dizzy-Dick said...

Yea, like MsBelinda said, where is Benito? I had asked about him some time ago, but you didn't give an answer.
Was planning a trip to your area in April, but since Frann says we got to get x-rayed at the Border Patrol Check Point, may have to change our plans. Don't like X-rays of any kind.

John Wells said...

hey dizzy...I haven't seen Benito or his mother in months. Hoping they will be back for a visit this spring. I'm not so sure they utilize x ray equipment at our border inspection station - will look into it.

Kyle said...

I would sure like to come down from Oklahoma and bring my telescope.
I'm so jealous!