Wednesday, March 2, 2011

brush fire

Did the final rounds of clean up today.  Washed dishes, fixed my shower door, repaired the junk pile fence, and shoveled cow poo.  Will be cooking up solar oven bread and dinner for the writer and photographer when they arrive tomorrow night.  Mr. Floppy got caught red handed just after knocking over the webcam by a screen grab from my buddy Greg Hillje
Spotted smoke on the north horizon yesterday afternoon....and the glow this morning before sunrise.  Huge brush fire just SW of Alpine still burning tonight. Didn't zero in on the location till this morning when my friend Neil in the UK sent me these links.


TimP said...

The look on Mr. Floppy's face is priceless!! He did it for the lulz.

neil said...

So it is morning here in the UK and about 3am your time. Looking at the fire it has made it over the ridge and down the eastern slope. It's currently about 2 miles west of 118 and moving east. Let's hope the visitors can get through.

lou said...

I think you framed the new guy :)