Friday, March 18, 2011

tank move two

Double trip to Study Butte for a post office run - but missed the screwy bank hours.  Just makes no sense to me so I keep forgetting that the bank is closed from 11 - 2. 

Relocated 400 more gallons from one of the lower tanks then did the tip'n'roll with the empty one and got it close to its' final resting place.  The Panther Mountain clan is out this weekend so got treated to a fireworks show.  I reciprocated with a flame thrower show. 
It's getting hot out here - looks like swamp cooler season might be coming on early this year.  82, 95,54,0,B


Larry Prater said...

I thought you were on the north side of the border. I have never heard of a US bank closing from 11 to 2. Our siestas here are usually 2 to 4 or 4 to 6.

Gaelyn said...

Be glad the humidity doesn't match your temps like S TX.

Anonymous said...

The Postal Service is having its own "union mandated siesta"

Does the field lab have a "siesta session" or does that take effect later this summer when the temps skyrocket? Speaking of which, that "Supermoon" and this years sunspot activity is what will give us early summer.

CoolChange©© said...

Lobbing peaceful fireworks back and forth is always fun. Especially when some contain propane! :)

Walldog, Willie and Jake said...

Living the RGV, we say it is not quite Texas....more like Mexico.

tffnguy said...

I put my swamp cooler to good use yesterday. Will probably do the same today if it gets hot enough.

Allen Hare said...

You've been making a lot of progress the past few days, John. Can't wait to see it all hooked up and ready for rain. Good luck with it all.

re paragraph 1: I remember "Banker's Hours". I thought they went away in the seventies. They did here in the big city.

re paragraph 2: Finally, and explanation for the "Marfa Lights"!

re paragraph 3: I noticed that the temps for Terlingua were in the low 90's earlier this week. Too hot too soon! What Gaelyn said about the humidity. That's what kills us here in Large D.