Saturday, April 16, 2011

AMS Pictures

Katie Dunn came out with her production assistant (Bert, her mom) to begin some interviews for what might become a documentary about off grid living in the SW Texas desert.  After the grand tour and a gruelling Q&A session, I introduced her to several other good friends I have made out here that are following the same path.

Plugged the new chest freezer into one of my systems (I have 3 isolated solar charging systems) to check it out.  Did a test and ran it for about an hour and the dang thing got real cold without a dent in the power supply. 

Some of the rainbow cactus that I rescued from longhorn damage are starting to bloom.  First couple of Palo Verde are sprouting nicely as well.  80,93,46,0,B
Tervehdys minun uusia ystäviä Suomessa!


alam0tx said...

Well! John,
When you came to the desert looking for solitude, did you ever think you would attract so much attention with your Field Lab..
I have read many other blogs about offthegrid living and yours is by far the most interesting..I belive it is because it seems real coming from you..You walk the walk..
I will continue to look in on the FL and I am sure I will be suprised, by what I find...

Wow! running a freezer on solar.

Minttu Harju said...

There was a good article of you on finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. Now I will start to follow your blog because your work and life is so interesting and different. Great photoes and interesting stories you got :)

paahde said...

I also read article about you on Helsingin Sanomat. Nice to find your blog. Respect!

Arttu said...

Oh Man! Keep up the good work out there in the middle of the boonies! I also read that that article about you and your lifestyle! It just made me smile and wish that someday i´ll have my own little farm house where im growing my own veggies and and having my own little farm where i can get my own dairy products...America here i come! Greetings from Finland!

Unknown said...

Finland?! It will be interesting to see how many Finns start showing up in the Big Bend for their vacations. They will be amazed at how much there is to see and do in that corner of the world.

Ätä said...

I also read about you in Helsingin Sanomat. I think I understand why you are where you are. I myself was hypnotized by the Australian outback, Uluru, Western Australia. Don't know the US deserts yet, but they must have the same magic. My husband can stare at the ocean endlessly. Deserts are my 'thing'. Shall follow your blog!

Johanna said...


I just read about your interesting "lab" from Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

It would be so nice to live like you, but unfortunately the freezing winter sets its limits here in Finland.

However I wish you good luck.

Dream said...
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Karba said...

Greetings from Finland. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello there in the desert. Interesting story about You in today´s Helsingin Sanomat.
Greatings from a country that believes in nuclear power.


Unknown said...


Greetings from Kouvola, Finland (Europe).

I read an article today from Helsingin Sanomat (major newspaper here in Finland). It was interesting!

We had an election day here in Finland today and the Greens did not manage quite well!

Best wishes,

Allen Hare said...

It's great to see all the new friends from Finland checking in! The Press still has some reach.

I bet it was nice being "grilled" by those fun looking ladies. Would love to see their work on sustainable desert living.

Excellent news about the sprouts, especially the one from your Auntie.

I'm so excited and proud to hear that you test-ran the chest cooler on solar. I hope it works long term. That would really be a major improvement for you.

Kati said...

Greetings from Helsinki! (the capital of Finland)
I just read your article in Helsingin Sanomat and I'm so happy for you. You're doing great! You got one more reader to your blog!