Monday, April 25, 2011


Cooked up 4 loaves of Field Lab Solar Oven Bread yesterday.  This morning I made my annual April pilgrimage to Marfa to drop off bread and some dough on the last day of Marfa Public Radio's spring pledge drive.  Second time FL visitor and good friend JD arrived this afternoon with new FL friend Frank.  They drove down from Denver for a little desert heat....and brought presents for me and Benita.  78,93,60,0,W


Guy Hodges said...

You mean JD slipped in and I didn't even know it?
Dang, I gotta check in more often!
Glad you made it back to God's country JD - I'm sure JW is giving you the grand tour.

Yehudis said...

Whew! Spent a month or so catching up on your blog from the very beginning after seeing that Times article. I'm amazed with what it's possible for a person to accomplish on their own with an impressive and eclectic set of skills and the occasional help of friends.
Question about your solar fryer: did mirrors really make a huge difference or would a reflective foil have worked just as well? I thought that maybe there was an added perk of aesthetic appeal with the mirrors that went beyond strictly useful... I want to set up a solar cooker for the hot months (here they start now and go until the late fall) but my margin of placement is really limited (live in the middle of downtown Jerusalem). The south-facing window gets good exposure 9AM-1PM and I'm trying to figure out the best design for a narrow space.

Yehudis said...

p.s. using someone else's computer, I'm not micha. I'm yehudis.

Allen Hare said...

That's an interesting check-in from Yehudis in Jerusalem. Welcome to the family, Yehudis. I bet Jerusalem and Terlingua DO have similar weather.

I love me some Public Radio. As a trucker, it's about the only thing that keeps me sane out on the road. Otherwise, radio is a wasteland these days. Proud supporter of KERA 90.1, AND KNON 89.3 in Dallas. I know the folks at Marfa Public Radio really appreciate your contributions. My man, Joe Nick Patoski, does a weekly show out there. He's a great writer and a prolific Facebook poster.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome, Allen. Telingua gets much more extreme temps than we do. Almost never go below freezing, and although the heat gets hot, it's not like SW Texas high summer. But still hotter than I got growing up in NY!