Sunday, April 3, 2011


Maria and Will were out this morning on Cat's Eye patrol.  Alerted them to some ant activity by one of the plants.  Had a stream of leaf cutter ants working over one of these deadly poisonous flora.  Wonder what they have in mind?

Last night was the first "hard to get to sleep cause it's too hot inside" nights.  Got up to 90 inside yesterday...and a high low of 70 this morning.  Definitely time to pop PepinoII back in the window.  Everything went back into place as it should and soon was getting nice cool/moist air blowing through the hut.  Hot outside today but only made up to 78 inside.  The old pad still works but I need to order a new one for the coming hellish temps that are a Terlingua summer.  Also cut and stapled some new designer shades on the west side.

For all my new Greek friends - I just had a Field Lab story published in To Vima

Special thanks to my step-brother Joe Smith for sending me this link today about solitude....which I especially appreciated without him having read yesterdays post.   89,99,70,0,W


markiesparkie said...

Yes, today was the first day of the year to run the A/C. Just a little discomforting sweat after a little outside work and I'm flipping the switch from "heat" to "cool". I happened to think of TFL and wondered how much different it might be than my house.
I was moved by the link/lecture on solitude- thanks for including it. Maybe one day I'll treat myself to the luxury of that, and hopefully hear more than the din of tinnitus.

Kelly Fannon said...

Love the designer shades.


Liberty N. Justice said...

Did Benita get the birthday card we sent her from Connecticut?
It is from my dogs, Louie and RayRay, and me. Just checking.

Michael Kriskovic said...

Thank you for doing such an amazing job on this blog. I enjoy every post. And thank you for the link to that inspirational speech. Incredible words.

Thanks again,

mwsmarc said...

Thanks for the link, John. I fully agree with the writer's view on multitasking. And, as "leader" of field operations at two oil companies, I can attest to its loneliness. But the decisions have to be made and done so without the clutter so present in most people's minds. Great work (both the article and your efforts).

Unknown said...

Here's a translation of the Greek headline using Yahoo Babelfish!!

THE CULTURE OF ESCAPE Modern [Robinsonas] lives happy in his deserted Texas The former photographer of fashion John [Goyels] explains in the “Step” why she left New York