Friday, December 23, 2011


Closed in today due to crappy weather:
Fed the cows
Chased the burro - numerous times
Made JiffyPop
Took a nap
Baked a chicken in the grill

...and my IPCam guys are sending me a new power adapter.  Thanks for staying on top of the situation, Anthony!

Hi John,

Alright, Looks like we do have standard 15V power supplies as well. I'm requesting that one be shipped your way.

Merry Christmas =)
Anthony Watts
Customer Support Specialist

StarDot Technologies
Toll-Free: (888) 782-7368
Direct: (714) 228-9282
Fax: (714) 228-9283


2L84Me said...

Hey John,
Thanks for sharing with your blog. Heres wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rita B. said...

we knew the good guys would come through...but i thought you were looking for 18v. almost very merry Christmas. hope you and the girls stay warm tonight.

BBC said...

we knew the good guys would come through...but i thought you were looking for 18v.

Someone needs to explain to me why all these devices can't just be 12 volts so we can just operate them off of car batteries and solar panels.

tffnguy said...

BBC, DC voltage drops off a lot when run for a distance. I suspect John wants a higher voltage supply so that by the time it travels that distance it will still be at or above 12 volts.

Jussi Valanki said...

Merry Christmas!
to you, Bettina and the rest of the creatures big and small! You have many friends in Finnland and we are following your wonderful project!

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

I found a link on survivalblog to

On Open Source Ecology they have developed machines and plans for sustainable communities. There are plans and video's for home made compressed earth block machine that one man can operate and turn out up to 5000 earth blocks on one day. There are also a home made inexpensive tractor that has a front end loader with a post hole digger P.T. O. etc.

The guy and his friends that are doing this have a farm in Missouri and have lots, and lots of video's

bigfoot said...

Merry kawanza, JW...

from the foot fam.

alam0tx said...

Well John...Great Christmas lights last night...Hope you and all your animal friends have a nice Christmas...Keep the lights on for Santa...

remmij said...

Nadolig Llawen, Mr. Wells ac i Benita hefyd.
Hope 2012 yn flwyddyn gynhyrchiol a boutiful yn y wlad Bend Fawr...
a dim carbon yn eich stocio - mae hynny'n aderyn da yn edrych!

Allen Hare said...

Merry Christmas to you and all your furry friends!

S said...

Peace Dude.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to Santa sightings! Have a good Holiday.

bwingler said...

Merry Christmas John!!!

Milton said...

Merry Christmas from one side of Texas to the other.
Thanks for a great blog to check in on each day.