Sunday, April 22, 2012


Gotta first squash just about ready to eat.

Old Brown Cow is a new favorite at TFL.  She is the only other longhorn that Benita would back off from.  Did the Good Samaritan thing this afternoon.  Another trespassing tourist got stuck in the bad spot 4.5 miles SW of TFL.  After his long walk I drove him back down and got him out with the my truck is down there with a nice big stick stuck through the sidewall of my drivers side rear tire.  Will deal with that tomorrow.  87,95,56,0,C


jandean said...

beautiful squash and shadow.

remmij said...

that sucks when you are trying to do a good thing and get screwed in the process... but you still did a good thing!... sorry it's going to probably set you back $300+ for a pair of tires - sometimes the silver lining is hard to see.
OBC casts a long shadow herself - Carl better not ever try to roost on her.

Allison said...

That is a hellacious pair of horns on that old girl. I would not mess with her!

Quixote Kid said...

Sidewall? No bueno.

Allen Hare said...

Good looking squash.

Awesome cow.

What is it about that spot? From your picture it does not look that rough, or muddy. I hope the folks you helped are paying for your new tire.

Miss America said...

Please ASK Old Brown Cow if she knows where Benita is.
Just ask her. Then listen. I'm not saying you will hear her speak directly, but you very well may get a message of some information.
Her friends are showing up for a reason.

Miss America