Friday, December 14, 2012

a good curd

Tour for Will, Latrice, and Kathy (mom) this morning.  Had a great long visit with them - topped off with 4 tshirts sold and a generous contribution to the BenFund.  Thank You!  Maybe Carl will stop attacking visitors if I start a fund for him.

Windy and cloudy so I headed south to do some much needed laundry.  Tried my second batch of cheese this afternoon.  We have mozzarella now.  Used the instructions from the link I posted before and got an exceptional curd using 1 1/2 tablets of Junket rennet (instead of 1/4).  Just added one teaspoon of salt and no extra stuff.  Checked a sample before I wrapped it for the fridge - taste and texture just like the real thing.  I guess that is because it is the real thing.  66,76,49,0,W, .20


Latrice T said...

Hey John,

Had a great time visiting you. Thank you so much for your hospitality. It has been the highlight of our trip! And I'll just consider the attack from Carl as my rite of passage! :)


John Wells said...

Carl said he was sorry...he hasn't learned the differece between intruders and guests.

Rita B. said...

The hell he hasn't. Carl know exactly who he's welcoming to TFL. Latrice, you're one of us lucky ones Carl graces his becker upon. That is some good lookin mozzarella you've got there John. Congrats!

remmij said...
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remmij said...

was fortunate enough to catch some of the stream this morning - saw Carl, but missed his pec-attack on the ladies - looked & sounded windy, glad everyone had a good time. Your fans are willing to cover the miles.

Since you are back to cheese, thought I'd pass these along... could put Floopy and his friends in a whole different light (they might be cash "cows")... maybe Marfa Maid could do some experimenting if you & Floppy coaxed some jennys to go along with supplying the starter ;) there is also the marketing hurdle of it being described as a** cheese..
serbs love cheese
donkey milk
the comp
Maybe some mesquite to smoke it with to make it Lone Staresque? Pecan wood?

Allen Hare said...

Nice stuff today. Congrats on the cheese.

Cap'n Jack said...

Luckily I had some tall boots on when I visited Friday, and Carl only tried to get me once. It was cool seeing you around "town" on Saturday after my visit. I've noticed I know everyone I've met in the area by what they drive. I can't wait to move out there.