Wednesday, December 19, 2012

kinda windy

Warned about big winds today.  Spent the morning getting Ben fed and situated, picking up stuff that needn't blow away, and just as the wind started - finished hammering in all my extra hurricane clips.  Celebrated the wind with a long to prepare and eat brunch of bacon and potatoes and Field Lab tomatoes and jalapenos with a layed today hen egg.  The wind wasn't really too bad at TFL.  Mostly 15 - maxed here with a 32mph gust.

Spent the afternoon planning the final assault on the barn project.  Ben likes to help by keeping me alert and aware of my surroundings (him).  Luckily, he still aims low.  We had some good romp time together today.  His reward was some fresh wheat grass to practice grazing on.  66,79,32,0,W, .18


JohnnyM said...

Really clear precise pictures! Is this the new camera? I missed all the fun yesterday & today. Finally figured how to get emails when you are online with UStream.

edobnek said...

hard to beat fresh eggs

Rita B. said...

That's a beautiful egg (over easy) with maters and taters. Hope MaryLou & Ginger are staying comfy in their first Texas winter. Lil Ben is just getting cuter everyday.

LeoinSA said...

In a previous lifetime I raised registered Simmental cattle.

This breed is generally HUGE! Cows in the 1200 to 1500 pound range and bulls over a full ton!

My then wife hand raised a young bull - much like you are doing with Ben.

This guy got to be about a year old and weight 1200-1400 pounds.

One of the kids left a gate open and some of the herd got out of the pasture and was milling around the house.

Momma got a feed bucket and some oats to lure the several cows/calves and this young bull back through the gate.

The cows and their calves were easy. The young bull, not so much.

As she was trying to entice him back into the pasture she got too close - thinking him tame becasue she'd raised him by hand - he wasn't.

He raised his head and sent this 200lb woman flying through the air to land flat on her back more than 10 feet away!

No broken bones - luckily - but sure was bruised - body and ego.

So John, please be super aware around Ben - especially because he'll have some prodigious horns soon and I'd hate to read about your grand experiment coming to an end on the end of a horn.

No complacency if you don't mind.

Allen Hare said...

Batten down the hatches!
Little fellow seems to like you.