Thursday, April 25, 2013

casting practice

Noticed recently that my very first pair of 6V golf cart batteries were laboring.  Figured it was time to clean them up.  After almost 5 1/2 years they are starting to show their age.  Noticed some small cracks in the cases near the positive terminals....they might be nearing the end of their lifespan.

Rigged up a makeshift furnace with some fire brick to super heat some sterling.  Pouring a good ounce ingot is not as easy as I thought it would be.  Topped off the day with the return of my camera from Canon....just 8 days after I sent if off for a warranty repair.  Service Details:  product was examined and it was found that the internal component did not operate properly - the memory card could not be recognized.  The sd board and upper cover ass'y was replaced.  No charge.  67,79,51,0,B,.15


Nofretz said...

Not sure if you've tried or use the felt battery terminal protectors but they do a great job at keeping the corrosion at bay.

Bob from Athens said...

Wouldn't have thought that with something as important as the batteries that you would have waited that long to clean them. Seems like once a year would keep them working a lot better and longer.

Allen Hare said...

Good luck with the batteries.

Great news about the camera. Back in the nineties, we had a small Canon film point & shoot. It became ill at some point. We have an authorized Canon service center here in town, and they fixed it up quickly. It was out of warranty, though, so we got charged. Ok Hwa and I both have the Canon T3i now, and we love them.

Unknown said...

If you would use dielectric grease on the battery terminals it would stop the corrosion proble3m. It comes in a spray or tube. Just a taught.
Buy at Auto parts, online, etc.