Thursday, April 4, 2013


My black beauty squash pumped out its' first big flower today.  Green beans are starting to climb.  Set up some seed starts with beefsteak tomatoes, chives, and corn.

My friends at sent me some Excelerite last July but I never got around to testing it. Figured it was about time so I set up comparisons today with some tomato plants, peppers, leucaena, moringa, and my newly transplanted pear trees.

"Uncle Tony" from Canada came by to bid farewell to Ben (the snowbird season is just about over).  74,81,39,0,C,0


Ron Dame said...


Please keep us posted on Excelerite sounds like what I need in my raised beds

Rita B. said...

All is looking well at TFL on this fine Birthday Morning! Happy Birthday John (and to the beloved Miss Benita too!)

Under The SC Sun said...

John, do you intend to hand pollinate? I see many Male flowers and a nice female flower in the pic too.

Allen Hare said...

Looks like you'll be eating well this summer.