Monday, May 13, 2013

in a pickle

Hunted for an hour to find a chunk of copper tubing in my stuff.  Finally found one and made some copper tongs.  Mixed up a batch of pickle acid ( sodium hydrogen sulfate - "to effectively remove surface oxidation and flux from silver, gold, copper and most other nonferrous metals after soldering or casting" ) for my nuggets in a mason jar and set it in my old solar oven without the glass cover and it still got up to 150°.  Cleaned all the scale and flux off the pieces (including ingot #1) so they are ready for the final melt into ingots.  Reserved numbers are as follows: 1 - 51,54,56,59,61,62,63,67,72,74,77,90,91,98,99,100
Number 5 is reserved for Pablo Jaramillo who came out just over a year ago with his daughter.  He contacted me a year before that and it seems to me I remember him telling me about coming to the area to spread his wife's ashes in Big Bend.  That ingot is my memorial to her and free to Pablo's daughter but I will need to get her address from him. 

If you would like to reserve a number, don't send it as a comment on the blog - send me an email so I can keep track of them easier.76,94,45,0,B,.28


Rita B. said...

"Hunted for a chunk of copper tubing to make tongs..." John, if you're not kin to MacGyver, you should be. It's really interesting watching this process. Looking forward to the final product. That's a very kind and thoughtful gesture toward Pablo.

Andy V said...

John, what a friendly gesture to Pablo's daughter after he has been less than supporting with your Sunday blogs. I admire you for that. Carry on!

PS - haven't heard much about the steers since your silver interest is peaking. How about a little update? Thanks, Andy

Allen Hare said...

Nice looking work. The copper tongs are an interesting touch.