Saturday, December 21, 2013


Got my commemorative stamps today.  Must say I got quite a chuckle out of seeing a page full of Carl stamps.

Dug out some hardware for the solar tracker.  Just happen to have an old satellite dish mount with its' own linear actuator.  I think the motor is shot on that one.  Went back into one of my shipping containers and found another actuator that I have had for about 20 years...and it still works fine.  I bought that one for a prop job I worked on way back in my NYC days.  A working motor and dish mount and I'm halfway there.

Spent a little more time today watching YouTube videos on paramotoring.  I think I have seen over 500 and finally came across some that were pretty inspiring by a guy named Benjamin Jordan.  This is his website 
and these are his some of his videos
watching this film of his tonight
44,60,48, .30",W,0


remmij said...

Mr. Wells - you have probably looked at this already, but thought I'd pass it along - seems Mr. Jordon has a pretty good history - notching an impressive series of flights back in 2008 with Leonardo Silveira…
Merry Christmas & hope 14 treats you well.

sidenote: don't know if this is something on my end or not, but your page crashes/locks on me repeatedly - started a few weeks ago - seems to occur when Benita's facebook panel starts to load on the right side?? maybe a blogger thing, but it doesn't seem to happen with other blogger sites…
just curious if it is happening with anybody else.

Chris Miller said...

Serious question... what do you use stamps for? Not trying to be funny... we just haven't used a stamp in so many years that I wouldn't even know what to do with one. Online bill pay, physical cards and stuff created and mailed online and email for everything else. Who needs a stamp?

JohnnyM said...

Nice to see Carl on a stamp!

Under The SC Sun said...

John Wells, the stamps look great. An honor for Carl. I use a photo of one of my Bantam roosters for my google+ profile photo. My current game rooster looks like Carl's cousin. Unfortunately he is not human-friendly enough to get a frontal photo.

Enjoyed your blog from almost the beginning, look forward to it as one of my daily reads.

Merry Christmas

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

serious answers

Un Paisano said...

Interesting to see how your "tracker will work, but My guess is you are going to have lots of issues. Simpler to just point it due south (corrected for true magnetic) and be able to change the tilt 4-6 times a year.

My solar in Fort Davis can change tilt from 55 degrees (where it should be a month either side of The Winter Soltice) to 15 degrees and at the right tilt it will produce 20% more as compared to 15 degrees. You want to be able to go 55 to zero (flat) in 10 degree increments, change it 4-6 times a year and be done with it.