Sunday, December 15, 2013

no chance

This is the first portrait of me...very long before the beard.  Step 1 - I was given the chance to be born and to do all I have done with my life so far.  Somehow I have managed to stay alive having never been the victim of war, disease, accident, or violent crime. 
Far more than a billion people have not even made it to step 1.  Regardless of how you feel about abortion - the shear numbers have to make one take notice and think perhaps how might our planet be different if these lives had been brought into the world.   I am not making any kind of judgment here...just putting out the numbers for folks to ponder.  Disclosure statement:  Something I live with every day is not one - but two youthful indiscretions that resulted in a matter of convenience. 


Bob from Athens said...

Just like some of the other hot button topics like gun control for example, there doesn't appear to be anyone that wants to get together in the middle and do a little compromising.

Dizzy-Dick said...

You sure were a cute and happy baby.

Wm. Pugh said...

My heart drops in two ways and one is rape which I did alot of time on different cases as a Peace Officer but then there is other side sayn just say no.
Not only did it (rape)effect the victim, I was with, but also me.

Ex-Texas Peace Officer, William

mwsmarc said...

I know what you're living with, John. That matter of convenience bothered me the most, too.

Larry G said...

The trouble with "youthful indiscretion" is that the same folks who oppose abortion tend to oppose the morning after pill or other forms of birth control.

kind of undercuts their whole position in my view.

pamit said...

I hope everyone understands that an abortion, even when described as "a matter of convenience", is rarely *only* that for the woman. Consider that having a child alters one's physical and emotional life for all time. Point 2: maybe it's a "glass half empty" kind of thing, but - does our planet not have a surfeit of humanity at this time? I sure think so. That's not a reason to applaud abortions, but just speaks to John's wondering about how the world would be different without abortion. 3rd point: if there was no legal abortion, there would be illegal abortion. Not as a "convenience" either. said...

Thank you for your honesty.You know of course that the blood of the Lamb paid for those indiscretions. I am an adoptee that got my start in an orphanage as a ward of the state. I was born in 1946 so the woman who kept me to term must have been very courageous.

Dwight said...

My wife and I have been married for 36 years. We have three wonderful children who have given us four beautiful grandchildren. But it was almost lost before it began. We were young and not out of HS, when she became pregnant. I wanted her to have an abortion, she refused and stood her ground and said she would have our child with or without me. Thank God for her steadfastness in her beliefs to not murder our unborn child. To this day it still haunts me that she could have easily made the other decision. All life is precious, even the unborn.

Anonymous said...

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