Friday, December 13, 2013

Flight Junkies

The following message is an unpaid endorsement:

After months of research and talking to several different flight schools, I came to the conclusion that Flight Junkies was the way to go for my paramotor training.  At first I was a bit skeptical about this site but discovered that he doesn't mark up the equipment prices any more than all the other distributors, yet still offers free training.  All the other schools charge around $1500 for training and charge more than just expenses to travel to your location.  Since I intend to fly mostly in this area, it makes sense to train here given that most of the schools are at or close to sea level and TFL is at 3200' AMSL (altitude you fly from makes a difference).  His claims about the equipment he sells is backed up by a good number of PPG websites.  I have spoken to Capt. Kurt Fister a bunch of times as well as several of his former students - he has trained over 800.  I have read more than enough off the web and from a couple of books (and watched a lot of videos) to make an informed decision.  All in all - I am sold on Flight Junkies.

I will have to cover his travel and room and board in order to bring him here for training.  Thanks to old/still active frequent flyer miles on American Airlines, that is a piece of cake.  Putting him up and keeping him fed will be easy - plenty of room in the barn and Ben'n'Bud are willing to share the alfalfa.  I put this out on Facebook so I thought I would mention it here...If anyone in the area has been thinking about getting into the sport, now is the time to get a great deal without having to travel to a school.  Just order a motor and wing (and a trike if you aren't up to foot launching) from Kurt and you can get in on the free training at TFL offer.  I am shooting for March or April.   If you have any questions, Kurt is happy to talk to you about the sport - just give him a call at 330-554-9194.  Powered paragliding has risks of course as does any form of aviation.  It is as safe as you make it by staying within experience and weather constraints.  Getting into the air under power doesn't come any cheaper - and no license required.  It would be nice to find some local folks that really want to do this so I won't have to always fly alone and just wave to all the folks that are still earthbound.  51,67,40,0,C,0


Steve said...

Which wing did you decide to go with?

Mystery Guest said...

John..the one thing I would caution you about ( and I'm one of those old but not too,bold pilots) is to,study up on winds in mountain areas and associated effects on light aircraft. You've got all the mountains you need down there to get into a bad jam before you realize what is taking place if you aren't aware. Not trying to scare's only dangerous if you lack awareness and understanding.

I'm looking forward to some photos and video from high above the Fileld Lab!

Steve said...

If you've never seen it, this is an absolutely incredible book! All the photos were shot from 500 feet AGL. Price is right, too.

I'll be looking forward to seeing some of those images taken from above TFL and the surrounding area.

Unknown said...

The sky around here becomes very busy with towed and powered wings in the summer. Several land out. A good friend died last year after something went wrong during takeoff on the airport runway right here by the house.

Have fun, just be careful.

D. B. Day IV said...


I love this airborne adventure you are undertaking!

I am sure you are aware that Marfa is one of the most famous spots in the world for gliding because of the thermal updrafts.

I forget the names--but some of the most famous glider pilots in the world train there.

World records have been set in Marfa.

Check and see what resources are available to you in Marfa for this awesome endeavor.

As a note of caution, John Denver died flying his experimental hand-built plane.

And here are some prescient lyrics from his famous song "Rocky Mountain High" written years before:

"He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below.

He saw everything as far as you can see.

And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun."

Don't try to fly too high Icarus, I would miss you.


Rita B. said...

the first thing that comes to mind when i hear about folks and their need for flying adventures is the parachuting segment of the movie Fandango. total hilarity...but it could have ended differently. Stay safe.

Chris Miller said...

I'd suspect that you're going to have a pretty big battle with border patrol. Get ready to be ordered down regularly.

Be careful out around these mountains. The wind out here is so intense that i'd be terrified to use any light aircraft. It's going to be a wild ride - that's for sure. Take lots of video! :)