Monday, June 30, 2014


"Since when was it any of the governments business or your employers obligation to fund your sex life and accidental pregnancies? If anything demands personal is this issue." TFL

I yield the rest of my time to my friend Matt Walsh.


Steve said...

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for the dissenters, framed the issue in an entirely different way. She and her colleagues saw Hobby Lobby as asking for -- and receiving -- a license from the court to discriminate against women. What, she asked, about companies that have religious objections to treating African-Americans equally -- or gay people? And, she asks, "how does the Court divine which religious beliefs are worthy of accommodation, and which are not?"

rondeb said...


rpm said...

First, it is beyond the jurisdiction of the government to force you to buy anything.

But the people bought the lie.

Second, this particular case is exactly why government controlled "health care" is dangerous.I don't think it's unreasonable to think killing babies is bad.

But the people bought the lie.

Third, the overwhelming response by the so-called liberals, has been overwhelmingly violent in nature, quite the opposite of their "tolerant" rhetoric.

That's because they are not "liberal" or tolerant. They are authoritarian in nature, but bought the lie that it's "liberal".

Thomas Jefferson was a Liberal.
Sam Adams was a Liberal.
George Washington was a Liberal.
Ron Paul is a Liberal.

A true Classical Liberal stands up for the rights of ALL people. Knowing full well that if others rights are taken away, so are theirs.

There is no "man" solution to the troubles we face. Only Jesus the Christ is the answer. Ask Him into your life now, if you want to know Truth. The clock is ticking.

pw said...

As long as the boys have Viagra.

And another amen to Steve's post.

Steve said...


"First, it is beyond the jurisdiction of the government to force you to buy anything."

You mean, like auto insurance if I drive, or taxes to fund wars, or pay for roads, or fund the public water system? Yeah, that's just crazy that we'd be forced to pay for stuff like that.

To be clear, the government or the ACA (aka Obamacare, Obummercare, Hussein Obama, et al) isn't forcing you to buy health insurance. You can go uninsured if you like. That's a fact. And if you're critically injured, we will still pay for YOUR indigent care in the ER.

And to be clear on Hobby Lobby's opposition to providing health insurance for their employees, they don't object to that, they object to the fact that their (women) employees, if they so choose, would have access to the drugs ulipristal acetate, mifepristone, and levonorgestrel. Oh, and they don't want their (women) employees to have access to IUD's through their insurance. THAT is their objection. Even though you pass more DNA in your morning stool or when you ejaculate, they have a problem with the women and their choices. You know, the whole "sanctity of life" thing. The sanctity of life begins and conception, and ends at birth, at least from the "compassionate conservative" viewpoint.

It's really sad to see your apparent hatred of those who don't have the same political beliefs as you. Are you Christian? Thought so. And to try to characterize liberals as overwhelmingly violent in nature...well that just takes the cake. Last time I checked, it was conservatives who started the last 4 bloody wars. We're going back 40+ years here, so go ahead and Google away. Kennedy did start Vietnam, I'll give you that.

As the Canadians like to say, "Canada has a Healthcare System. The US has a Healthcare Industry." The ACA is the first step to moving us away from Industry and toward System. Full disclosure: my sister is a Nurse, and a Canadian, and I have received medical care in both countries. I've seen both systems, and their's is superior. Far lower costs, better outcomes. Way better on so many levels.

In closing, you are entitled to your own morality, but please, don't attempt to shove it down our throats. At least not until you grow a uterus and a pair of ovaries. Until then, try to put a little compassion in your compassionate conservative outlook.

Have a lovely and healthy day, my friend.

pamit said...

Steve, you express the facts, and your take on them, so well!

We are a country where people are free to practice whatever religion they so choose, in whatever form, so long as it does not impinge on the rights of others. That's good and right. The problem is this gray area, overlap, whatever you call it, that includes tax breaks for religious organizations, conscientious exceptions, etc. This makes it difficult to enforce the separation of church and state, as the Constitution requires. Furthermore, it's clear that those fighting hardest to have the government defer to religion, do NOT want Islam, Buddhism, or anything besides Christianity to hold sway.
This is just plain wrong-headed and in my opinion, NOT what Jesus would have espoused.

pamit said...

Also, it's interesting that Hobby Lobby doesn't mind doing business with China, a country known for such human rights violations as forced abortion. A lot of Christians aren't pleased about that. From HuffPo:

"Products bearing "Made in China" labels are found all over the shelves at Hobby Lobby, evidence that some of its wares come from Chinese factories that have a reputation for labor rights violations and rock-bottom wages. Employees at these facilities often end up working grueling hours in prison-like conditions and never earn enough to escape poverty.

"You cannot call your business 'Christian' when arguing before the Supreme Court, and then set aside Christian values when you're placing a bulk order for cheap wind chimes," wrote Christian author and columnist Jonathan Merritt in a recent article for The Week.

Hobby Lobby remains quiet about its dealings in China. The company did not respond to requests for a list of Chinese factories it does business with, and did not provide information about what percentage of its merchandise comes from China.

Then there's China's controversial record on abortion. The country's one-child policy was slightly relaxed in 2013, but the family planning bureaucracy still exists. Since the government instituted the policy 40 years ago, there have been more than 330 million abortions in China, according to health ministry data cited by the Financial Times. Though fewer instances of forced abortion, infanticide and involuntary sterilization now occur because they're banned by the government, they still happen, The Washington Post reported last year."

Steve said...



We are each entitled to our own individual beliefs. When we lose sight of the fact that they are individual beliefs, we have a problem.

nature ramblings said...

Yes, everybody is entitled to their own beliefs but we must not try to push our beliefs on to other individuals. To many people trying to butt into your own personal decisions.

Larry G said...

re: " It's really sad to see your apparent hatred of those who don't have the same political beliefs as you. "

Agree and saddened that those who claim to be so religious seem to have so much hate of those who are different than them.

what in the world is wrong with people?

Personally fed up with man-created religion myself..a bible created by the King of England - James? And a bible created by a King is the word of God? really?

easy solution here.

Just offer women who work for Hobby Lobby -insurance from the ObamaCare exchanges...

and let the rest of us decide if we need anything at all, ever, from Hobby Lobby or any other company who chooses to play stupid mankind-created religious games.

Sorry, My God, the God I know, does not treat people the way that Hobby Lobby's GOD apparently does...not their own workers and not the workers who create the products they sell.

Rev.jimmyleebob said...

Buddy of mine told me a joke the other day...What do you call a liberal when the government fails ?