Monday, May 7, 2018

a monday matinee...


John Wells said...

On April 10th I noticed two bird eggs in a nest in my solar shower. They hatched on April 19 and 20. It was amazing to see how fast they developed. I kept tabs on them with a webcam placed near their nest and I broadcast live streams of them every evening. On May 5th, one of them fell out of the nest. When I placed him back, the other flew out and disappeared. The next morning I saw the one that left the nest on top of my greenhouse with his mother. Worried that the parents may have abandoned the nest after all the commotion (they hadn't come in to feed the rescue for several hours), I prompted him to leave the nest as well. Since then I have seen both of them flying around with their parents. Soon they will be as big as all the other doves out here. I removed the nest and reclaimed my shower...I am well overdue for a good scrub down. News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: Ether Oar by The Whole Other used by permission from the YouTube Audio Library.

Unknown said...

Good story ... birds gotta fly. Enjoy your shower!

WhyR said...

I agree, that seemed awfully fast. Evolution ensures that birds that develop fastest and get on the wing away from predators quickest are the ones that are going to survive and pass on their fast-development genes to their progeny. You see the same thing with all kinds of animals- the Wildebeest gives birth to a calf that can run rapidly within hours. Nice of you to make room in your affairs for this little family and to make sure they were well fed and able to bring both of the kids along to adulthood. Well done.

remmij said...

a hot shower had to feel pretty good! did you scrub down with Dove soap or just wing it?

John Wells said...

Crap....I should have bought a bar of Dove soap!

Hachita said...

To paraphrase Warren Zevon...enjoy every shower.

Margery Billd said...

Tell us how many views you get on utube for the birds.

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