Saturday, December 5, 2020

Pandemic Saturday


Coronavirus surpassed heart disease this week 
as the number one cause of death in the US.
How to spot a dangerous idiot in your neighborhood.
Photo taken in Alpine, TX 12/2/20


Sean D. Watson MLS said...

Mr Wells: If you feel the need to call me a "Dangerous Idiot" You should tell it to my face instead of hiding behind you blog. I am a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, and know the "Pandemic", the lock-downs, and face mask ordinances are mostly a fraud being used to promote a leftist political agenda of control.


Sean D. Watson MLS

John Wells said...

Sorry - I didn't know who lived in this house. Thank you for introducing yourself. I figured you were a conspiracy theorist - but now that I know your occupation, you are even more dangerous than I thought. Do you refuse to wear a mask when you are at work?

Off Grid Research said...

"certified Medical Laboratory Scientist" and this Ignorant? Wow!
With 2,000 deaths a day in the US you say "face mask ordinances are mostly a fraud being used to promote a leftist political agenda of control." Really!
Yeah... These Idiot Losers have their head so far up Trumps posterior they don't need a mask.

Sean D. Watson MLS said...

I wear a n95 mask and goggles and full PPE while on patient contact so as not to expose a vulnerable population. As for that us healthy persons do not maintain this full posture after contact as it is not necessary. This mask wearing amongst the general population is just virtue signaling.

Sean D. Watson MLS said...

I am not dangerous. Just logical. I do appreciate your interaction and dialog.

MountainManMike said...

Sean, so do you think the hospitals that are currently being over-run is fake news? And since you say "fraud", that means you believe that social distancing and masks do not help that situation? Please elaborate on your position.

Whirl Tech said...

Well they *had* a nice paint job on their house. I'm surprised they made the Covid reference permanent and not the Trump. Maybe that'll wait for Jan. 6. -JK

marvaldebaran said...

Reality check on "puffery." "MLS" might be the formal title, but most with that education (usually a Bachelor's degree) and certification refer to themselves as specialized laboratory technicians. Hardly the same education as scientists Anthony Fauci, Linus Pauling, or Jonas Salk.