Wednesday, September 29, 2021

a burro video...


J J Power said...

It is a lovely video. Thank you for making it and for allowing us to see it.
The mother of the foal must really trust you to allow you to get so close.
I hope that you'll forgive my ignorance of things Texas.
The burros look very healthy.
Are they "wild" animals, owned by no one?
Do they live on only what the can find in the wild or do the get fed regularly?
Are the the asinine equivalent of mustangs?

John Wells said...

These burros are indeed "wild". They have been visiting TFL every day for about 2 weeks but eventually they will move on. Yes - burros are the asinine equivalent of mustangs in that burros are wild donkeys and mustangs are wild horses.

DEL said...

Does this mean mustangs and burros are stupid?

Cortney Dziak said...

I hope we get a glimpse of this little guy next trip.