Saturday, November 20, 2021

Pandemic Saturday

The worst side effect of COVID-19 is that it makes stupid people stupider and ordinary people stupid.  Some Proof that COVID-19 Makes People Stupid includes:

  1. Tens of millions are ignoring scientists and not wearing their masks.
  2. Millions of Americans think not wearing a mask to the grocery store is the same as Rosa Parks not sitting down on the bus.
  3. Tens of millions of Americans listened to a complete imbecile Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) instead of scientists.
  4. Millions of morons refuse to get vaccinated
  5. There are new conservative channels for dummies because Fox News was not stupid enough for some people.
  6. The Republican Party has abandoned the concept of reality.
  7. Vast numbers of people cannot figure out how to wear a mask. What’s so hard about covering your nose people? Remember, you breath through it.
  8. Conservative and Republican leaders are holding superspreader events so COVID-19 will kill their followers off faster.
  9. Congressional Republicans are not smart enough to reject the idiot who incited the lynch mob that almost killed them.
  10. Republicans think they can win elections by telling voters the election is rigged against them.
  11. Tens of millions of people are trying to bake bread at a times when the average supermarket has dozens of varieties of great bread for sale for under $5 a loaf.
  12. Many members of Congress are not smart enough to see that making cash payments and raising the minimum wage attracts votes.

So yes folks, coronavirus is making us stupider. Unfortunately, there is no vaccination against stupidity yet. On the positive side, COVID-19 could make humanity smarter by killing off millions of stupid people.


pamit said...

Yo, this is a weird list. In my supermarket, there's only ONE variety of bread loaf that's worth eating. Don't lump us bread bakers in with the anti-vax wackadoodles!

John Wells said...

pamit...sorry about that. I thought that was a little weird too but included it anyway. FYI this is not my list. I found it when doing an internet search for "covid and stupid people".

John Wells said...

It should be noted that when a comment gets deleted, it is not simply because it doesn't agree with me. It usually happens because: 1. the comment is off topic. 2. the comment makes absolutely no sense. 3. the comment involves anecdotal evidence, misinformation, and/or conspiracy theories. There is very little room for intelligent debate when it comes to the subject of the pandemic so if you really what to express something - do your best to draft a proper comment that adds to the conversation. If you want to show everyone how stupid you are by spreading nonsense and have no voice here and I suggest you start your own blog.