Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pandemic Saturday

The amount of stupid people in the world is the reason the pandemic is going on much longer than it had to and why so many people are dying unnecessarily.  The stupidity is getting worse... 

covid parties, de-vaccination, purebloods.


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Hachita said...

Global lack/delay of vaccines drives the pandemic. Unsurprising Delta emerged from India and now Omicron from southern Africa.

The kind of anti-vax, anti-science, pseudo pro-liberty insanity found in some decadent western nations (especially the U.S.) is less prevalent in low resource countries. Often there, the thought is strong medicine hurts; better an injection than a pill. They just can’t get/afford either.

Variolation against smallpox was a genius technique in the fifteenth century. COVID parties now…dangerous idiots.