Saturday, April 30, 2022

Power bank test - fail


So I'm returning the little solar charged power bank for a full refund.  I started the test yesterday morning after fully charging the power bank for 8 hours with a 5V adapter plugged into AC power.  It barely got any charge off its little panel during the day while the camera was running and only just managed to continue powering the camera overnight.  All in all, it lasted 27 hours.  For the next test, I ordered a 30 watt panel and a 12 V / 10 Ah SLA battery.  If my math is right, this "should" work with some power to spare.  I already have one of these cheap PWM charge controllers to hook the system together.  It is perfect for this application since it already has a 5V USB outlet to power the camera off a 12 volt system.   87,91,56,0,B

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