Thursday, April 21, 2022

Solar job VII


another happy Starlink customer in the desert


remmij said...

do they all have that angelic glow or is that an enhanced premium?

MsBelinda said...

Have heard nothing but good things about Starlink on the web.

John Wells said...

The angelic glow comes free with every dish. Yesterday, I did however experience the longest service outage since I got the equipment - 19 minutes.

remmij said...

Elon was busy making twitter moves - he's only a human being…(maybe)
or it might have been the Russians??
there will always be glitches - it's near space, the earth.
little bits of metal & electrical currents and humans…
there's exponentially more things to go wrong… technology doesn't simplify,
rather it paves the way for more rare, but epic fails.
Think of it as 19 minutes of unmonitored freedom… at least that is what
an ostrich told me once.

John Wells said...

As complex as the whole system is...I'm surprised it works at all.

Jeff said...

I use this to track down time,, works great. ( On the Dell 990 you almost got.)