Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Day long diversion...

Just arrived from China (ordered 5 weeks ago).  Took way too much time to figure out how to load my own photos on it.  Also took way too much time to get it to display the correct local time and temperature.  It logs onto to get the info to display.  I had to set up a free account and get what is called an "API key" - but the cube kept showing me weather for a different Alpine.  After a lot of searching, I finally found the suggestion that I had to enter the city, state, and country (Alpine,TX,US) - not just city and country (Alpine,US) as all the other directions instructed.  It is a rather tiny object.  The image on the screen is projected through a one-inch square prism cube.  You can get one here... 75,80,58,0,W 


remmij said...

impressive - a sorcerer's object - needs a blinking eye
or a fanged bunny
( •.•)
/ >��

linda said...