Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Back in Alpine...

Appointment with my PCP tomorrow to discuss hospice options.  Booked a couple of nights at The Antelope Lodge.  I stayed here this week 16 years ago right before I headed south to start building my TFL hut.


Astral Brain Tentacles said...

Bless you John. Peace from Australia. Your efforts are an inspiration.

Pat McCasland said...

Hey John,
Keep living the Blessing, Things of the heart allow us to realize Heaven on earth!
Love you John

pamit said...

I'm glad you're keeping us updated!

Guy Hodges said...

Good to see you're back in the Big Bend. I'm glad you are posting and keeping us up to date. What a ride the last 16 years have been. Most folks don't have the courage to strike out and do what you did. You are an inspiration to all of us.

remmij said...

they must have taken a time machine uber??

it's a reminder that you are an excellent photographer -
always enjoyed your "shadow pics" found them very clever -
the use of light and the ethereal…
thanks for all the views/visions & continuing to post.



linda said...

I’ve followed you from the beginning. Hard. To believe it’s been so long nstill have Benita cup and two silver ingots. I remember when you found her body coming home. I read you in the am drinking my. Coffee. Next stop heaven. Prayers, Linda in Lakehills.

remmij said...

you are being watched over… in different ways