Sunday, December 3, 2023


Proverbs 3:24  When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. 


remmij said...

may it be so
thanks to & for you

"Mansions in heaven; I see myself walking with the King.
The angels are descending to wrap me up in red velveteen.

As I pack my suitbag, 'cause soon I'll be leaving;
Going back to the Earth, which is where I come from.
Withstood the heartache,
Kept on believing;
It ain't winning or losing,
Just the singing of the song."

Mansions in Heaven/John Mellencamp

tuupes80 said...

John, sorry to hear the news. I've been a reader since shortly after you started the blog. I even went back and read all the ones before I first started reading it. You have been part of my bedtime ritual for quite a while now. Each night before I go to bed I look to see what John has been up to that day. I will miss you. In your curiosity for all things, I felt I found a kindred spirit. I wouldn't worry about being worthy. I think whatever comes after needs people who are curious about all things.
Stewart Smith
San Antonio, TX

remmij said...

liked this image of you - made me imagine you contemplating the coming transition…
also reminded me of another 'John', and the associated "Godspeed" quote.
Made me wonder too about all your recent work with time pieces… did you know before you knew?
Hope you are getting the things done you want to take care of…
hopefully Ms. Blackman is still assisting you - many thanks to her!
Strength and courage to you.

Chris said...

I am one who has checked in with regularity watching what you have done in the desert. As a retired minister I have always paid attention to the texts which you have posted weekly. I have appreciated the Lord's Day posts.
And, now this one.
Regarding your word about grace, remember it is his and not our own. Psalm 23 and Psalm 103 sustain me now and I believe will sustain us to the end.
Grace and peace,