Tuesday, December 12, 2023


 Norm Macdonald


remmij said...

Glad you are keeping your clear-eyed sense of humor - you are doing what you need to do… and if that changes for you, you will make that call. I have gratitude that you are posting & allowing us (your readers)to have some insight into the choices you are making, to converse, offer some thoughts and have the time to say goodbye - it is a generous gift.Hope my offering of images isn't too intrusive — sometimes they work better for me than words… I try not to be too maudlin.You are doing the Sinatra thing - "your way" -  as Norm did - kinda cliche, but still true.
btw, what was Ben's last horn width measurement?


JudithK said...

Ha. Exactly so.

desertsolitary said...

Thanks for posting John. It’s a blessing to hear from you. This is Jan

Dani said...

You're not alone, John. We're all here with you - rooting for you.

Just wish we could do more.

rj said...

Norm was one of a kind, much like John Wells,

owyn said...

With you al the way. Thanks

VLJ said...

John, I probably want be far behind you, and need your help and guidance. Please stay with us until the end.

remmij said...


LBH said...

Godspeed friend. You created a beautiful life. You will be remembered.

Shelley W said...

More a dirty fight when your opponent has an unfair advantage. I don’t think my comments are getting through but I wish you strength and courage for the road ahead, John. Praying for a miracle.

pamit said...

Battle! Yes! I'm glad to hear you voice this.

Here's a story about a longhorn headed to slaughter, who is now in a sanctuary. Food for thought, eh? Plus thoughts of Ben and Benita.


remmij said...

can picture you at your desk, working the situation…looking beyond the beyond… little fear, much curiosity.hope you aren't letting your hands go soft…you still can get blisters in heaven & there is always much to do.
still working the field lab… 2 lads & their halos ;^)

rj said...

Please disregard REMMIJ and his links
Largely inappropriate during this time
When memories, prayers and thankfulness
Mean so much more