Monday, May 3, 2010

heavy morning

Another nice cool/breezy day. Cut and set block and rebar, built and set the form, mixed up 880 lbs of concrete by hand, and poured the south side of the east end. Stripped the forms off yesterdays pour and all was well... done by 1:30. Cleaned up the debris, took a nap, showered, then treated myself and the queen of Flowerland to a well earned margarita(s) and burger(s) at the Starlight. 70,89,48,0,W


Allen Hare said...

Good looking work, John. Is there a form behind these pours, underneath the containers?

I've never heard you mention the queen of Flowerland before. She must be one of the great locals that frequent the Starlight on Monday nights. Glad you had your night out.

tffnguy said...

Wow! That's a LOT of concrete. I have trouble with doing 160 lbs at a time!

MsBelinda said...

Is the Queen of Flowerland the Sul Ross student that visits your property?

Unknown said...

As ever, I'm awed by your accumulated knowledge, ingenuity and productivity. Its fun time traveling through your work, progress and adventures. Miss you up here.