Monday, January 16, 2012

From Texas to Milan

Rigged, formed and poured a step for the north wing doorway - that was all that was on the work list today.  My friends Jason, Cynthia and little Luna stopped by on their way to Alpine.  Luna was disappointed that Mr. Floppy wasn't home this afternoon.  She did get a chance to talk to our BFF Kristinna back in NY on my pay phone though.

Had a great late day visit from my new best friends Emilio and Laurel - a Texas girl married to an Italian boy.  They spend most of their time in Italy but come back to visit her home state at least once a year.  Emilio is a professional photographer and Laurel writes cookbooks and has a bilingual blog about food.  They videoed an interview with me and she did the intro in Italian...without a hint of a Texas twang.  63,83,39,0,B


BBC said...

But do they drink beer?

zwango said...

You know you are doing it right, when you can sit quietly in the middle of nowhere and watch the world go by.
Matt Miller
St. Louis, MO

Rita B. said...

wish floppy would have shown up for Luna. maybe next time.

MsBelinda said...

I don't know why I was under the impression that Cynthia and little Luna were from New York and had come down with Kristinna to spend their christmas vacation in Terlingua.

Does Mr. Floppy stay close to your compound?

MontelloOffGrid said...

zwango, AMEN!

nate.mckenzie.aouc said...

Would love to see "the layout" for your facility these days. I have a hard time imagining what it must look like these days. Are you actually raising anything to eat yet?