Thursday, January 12, 2012

rabies drop...

Been wondering why I keep seeing the same small plane buzzing around out here a lot the past couple of days.  Posted the question to my local friends on Facebook and got my answer in 5 minutes.  The Texas Department of State Health Services is dropping rabies vaccine throughout the area for the critters.

Weather wize - it was not conducive for outdoor labor today.  Happy to have a rest break anyway since I ain't gettin any younger.  Headed south with the good neighbor for a long breakfast at the Motor Inn Cafe - got caught up on ranch politics with friendly neighbors and assurances from the Brewster Co. Sheriff's office that recent arrests in the area are being dealt with appropriately by the county attorney.  Good to be on the side of the good guys when you live out here.  Even better to know that the bad guys are on the constant radar of local law enforcement. 

So the day wasn't a total labor loss...I stripped the forms off the last pour and leveled out the dirt in the NW wing.  35,46,37,0,B


Anonymous said...


Is there any news on the Dick Cain's longhorns that were shot, any arrests, any leads?

I hope Old Benita, Mr. Floppy and all the other critters are safe from poachers.

Scuba Steve said...

I'm curious, I've seen a couple references to "the bad guys" and I'm wondering if these are just your general criminal riff-raff or is there something else going on over there? Poachers? Meth labs?

mike said...

dont think I would like that crapp sprayed over my house

Allen Hare said...

Glad you got a day off to connect with your community.
The prep for the pavers looks great.