Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on demand...

Good longhorn fight at TFL this morning. 
On and off day digging up misting info.  I have this pump
that someone gave me a couple of years ago to experiment with....can get hose and misting nozzles in Alpine.  The goal is to come up with an intermittent system that will make an acceptable difference in the courtyard using only 10 gallons per day.

Figured out why Carl has been spending most of the day inside the woo room - there is a mirror in there.  He spends a lot of time just standing in front of it.  A cactus rescue from last year has some nice new pads sprouting out. 

Had a call late this afternoon about a possible Benita sighting.  The same person told me this over a month ago and I found a good lookalike then.  Took another drive up to Taurus Mesa and sure enough - it was the same Benita-not.  Has to be one of her daughters though.  As long as I was there, I chatted her up and gave her a nice range feed snack.  77,90,56,0,C


Al said...

If you can secure it when the wind blows: shade cloth. Check is out. Use the water to water the plants. 10 gallons a day ain't that many BTUs.


Dani said...

Clever, clever Carl is telling you he needs some company - not the worst idea - that way you can also have eggs for breakfast / barter them for a GS breakfast :)

As Al says - wind plays havoc with the misting system.

Rita B. said...

i watched those two hard headed youngsters get into it right in front of your porch a few days back. serious headaches. hope they get their differences settled. yup, that's gotta be Benita's daughter.

shawn said...

From Drudge today.

ken said...

I wonder if you let the mist fall across the shade cloth (vertical install) if you'd get more cooling via a swamp cooler effect? Although it might become muddy.


repsychallblues said...

Birds of a know they are flock animals...Carl needs a flock to tend. Nothing beats fresh eggs.

Allen Hare said...

A longhorn fight is just good, clean country fun, unless you happen to get caught up in the middle of it.

Chickens are funny.

Yep, that is definitely a Benita look-alike. She even has a twist in the grain of her horns, like Benita. It's got to be one of her daughters. Maybe you could coax her over to TFL to fill the void.