Saturday, March 31, 2012


For those who thought I wouldn't get enough sun in my greenhouse courtyard...I can tell that I'm getting too much already - and it's not even summer yet.  Added some temporary shade till I can rig a movable system. 

Had a great visit today from friends I met 3 years ago at the Living With Nature Festival in Marathon.  Charles and Candace from Alpine finally came out for a first visit and donated a small compost bin....and some beer.

Got a nice surprise from UPS new friend George Fourqurean from in Odessa sent me a sweet timer circuit for my upcoming misting experiment.


rj said...

I always have a 40% blocking shade on my greenhouse year round and then add 20-30% for the brightest mid-summer sun. This is South Texas after all...although some vegetables like full sun, most prefer improved moisture retension and reduced sun exposure in this climate.

Andy V said...

C & C = cute couple

Allen Hare said...

The shaded greenhouse looks a lot cooler. A movable system would be perfect. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Nice couple bearing nice gifts = a good day!

The digital timer is just the thing, and to have it just show up? How nice! I know you'll put it to good use. Now that you've closed in the greenhouse, the shade and the mister system are really becoming a necessity. A couple of big exhaust fans up in front of those louvered vents would be nice. I know you've thought of that already, though.

Rev.JimmyLeeBob said...

I don't know about the desert but high temps. and bad ventilation
equals whitefly heaven in a greenhouse.I hope you never get em
because if they get a foothold you will need a tactical nuke to get rid of them !

Al said...

John, sorry but I just can't help myself.

Have you thought about putting the shade cloth over the clear portion of the roof so that it reduces the total amount of heat the enters the greenhouse before it does? With the curved roof it might be pretty doable even with the west Texas winds.

And/or you might want to remove the polycarbonate on the ends and figure out how to make that vertical area hinged to open and close by winter. You have a lot of horizontal surface area in that greenhouse for those little ol' louvers to adequately ventilate.

Thanks for sharing,