Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gotta date with a date

Worked on the chicken pen for about 2 hours - then it started getting HOT fast.  High of 105° today.  I hate getting right to work first thing in the morning, but it is the only option this time of year if I want to get anything's gonna be a long/hot summer as usual.

Got a first bloom on the Pomegranate (thanks Bennett Jones).  Care package from my buddy JD had lots of seed packets and a bag of organic Medjool dates from California.  I ate 'em...I planted 'em.  95,105,56,0,B,0


remmij said...

TFL - 2022:
bone up on the pollination
dates Blythe

phoenix dactylifera

Rita B. said...

i can already see those big palm trees shading TFL....and hear the dates falling on the tin roof and keeping you awake.

Allen Hare said...

Food production is really taking center stage here. I'm amazed by the interesting variety of edibles you have going in there. Talk about your well rounded diet! It seems like you may eventually produce way more food than you can consume alone.