Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Kids from NY

Had a great visit from my new NY friends Wayne, Jason, Nadine, and Natasha.  They brought a very pleasant beer for me to sample.

Packed up 75 tshirt orders to ship out this week...thanks for supporting TFL!

Plants are doing their plant thing in the greenhouse.  83,91,46,0,B

Just found this vid today from a fellow John Wells on Facebook.  It I wasn't me, I wouldn't mind being him - he's talented, young and has hair.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NWv2g1BTF0


Bruce S said...

Enjoy your friends and the Trippel. It's gooood.
Can't wait to get our Benita shirts. Oh yeah, hair is very overrated.

MontelloOffGrid said...

....huh, two John Wells SENSATIONS!! That kid really is damn good. Thanks for the introduction John!

Rita B. said...

beer made with coriander.....which we refer to more as cilantro down here. i'll have to check out Spec's for some of that.

Allen Hare said...

Nice visitors. An interesting looking beer.