Saturday, September 14, 2013

Help a friend of Mr. Floppy!

Someone didn't bother to put forth the effort to find his donkey that got loose last year on Terlingua Ranch (and I'm pretty sure I know who it is).  Mr. Floppy probably spent some time on the range with him.  The poor critter got hit by a car and severely injured but was rescued.  I just wish I had corralled him last time he stopped by to visit with a herd of wild burros.  TMR Rescue Inc has been rehabilitating him and they could use some financial assistance. The Field Lab is helping out - and so should you if you are so inclined.
Here is the info:
and where to contribute:


Unknown said...

Many thanks to you for posting about this amazing donkey. He is doing well, but has a long way to go in rehab. He broke two bones in his elbow and it damaged the radial nerve. He has had dozens of casts to heal the breaks and now in at a water therapy center in Bryan. There he is getting water jet therapy, messages and will soon get acupuncture as well. The person who hit him with their car did not stop to help him, but Sandra Parks did. We will be forever grateful to her, Curtis Swafford and Sandra's husband for all they did in the first days of Blue Boy's injury. I have learned he may have been called Jesse James.

Smackmama said...
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Zole said...

I have contributed and I hope that more here do the same.
Good luck Blue.

Rita B. said...

Thank you John. Can't wait to see BB strolling around the ranch with the other happy donks.

pamit said...

Sent a donation. Thanks for letting us know JW. Is there any way to shame the original owner into contributing? Probably not. I hope someone puts his or her name out on the public airwaves. It is, after all, a crime to abandon animals (and when rescue organizations need!). Public shaming may help the next animal this person decides to dump.