Friday, July 18, 2014

Derksen comes through...

Got the building for my friend today...everything was "as per order" this time.  Although the first round was a bit of a fiasco - I still have to give Derksen Buildings credit.  A pretty good deal for a shell of a building if you have no time or building skills.  Less than 20 bucks per square foot including delivery and leveling from almost 300 miles away (if you pay up front with no financing).  87,97,71, .16",B


S. Cooper said...

By "shell" does that mean no insulation? What about windows? ~Sherri

Ronald Mahan said...

Now that that cabin is setting up on concrete blocks, the next thing that should be done is anchor that puppy down - so it does not blow away!

And it will do exactly that some day - if the job is not completed.

Cheers ----- Ron Mahan