Monday, July 28, 2014

something solar 6

The tracker doesn't seem to want to work after dark but is happy to go back to work about an hour after sunrise to reset the rig pointing east.  That works for me.  93,102,75,0,B


WhyR said...

I think I confused the new Track 'n Park controller with programmable park position with the TinyTracker module, which I guess is what you have. The former would probably be more important with a larger array.
I wonder what the increase in efficiency is over fixed.
That's a cute little gizmo- looks very solid.

Un Paisano said...

If you change the tilt 3-4 times a year, a tracking array will produce 15-20% more power than a non tracking one. With panels so cheap, and commercial tracking arrays so expensive, you're better off (money wise) buying more panels and inverters than spending $$ on a tracking array. John's homegrown is great, but if you ar paying retail (even wholesale prices) for a tracking array you do not come out ahead based on today's prices and the cost of electricity you are replacing.