Friday, July 25, 2014

something solar 4

Frame on the pole - parts gathered to wire it all up.  Update on the tracking circuit I ordered from - I never got it and never got my money back.  A little research uncovered that Duane C. Johnson has a bad habit of accepting orders, cashing checks, and not sending out the goods...often claiming that it must have gotten lost in the mail.  Should have noticed the red flag when he said he doesn't do PayPal and won't ship orders with a tracking number.  So I found a better, cheaper, more reliable source right here in Texas.


Boondoggle said...

exceptional photo

Unknown said...

Gunfighters inc. did the same thing to me. Out 80 buck from an order a from July 2013. Vet owned my foot more like crook owned.

Carlos said...

If you sent a payment by post, report him to your postmaster. It's called mail fraud and it's a Federal crime.