Sunday, July 6, 2014

keep your options open

Recently, a progressive (for the lack of a better label) "friend" on Facebook posted this cute little image meant to cast doubt on the existence of God. I have seen many of these juvenile attempts to mock Christianity - most often passed on by those who have never even considered that there could be a being greater than themselves and certainly unwilling to accept rules of behavior that might spoil their fun.
What really caught my attention about this particular post was that the individual responsible for spreading this idiocy has very serious health issues and has recently undergone major life saving surgery.  My suggestion that I posted in response was a very concise heads up.

"One might think that someone who has extreme health issues would be more careful about what he mocked."
He came back with a very lengthy humanist answer making no apologies for his arrogance and included a couple purpose driven gender remarks, lots of "ifs", and a very dangerous "opt out" statement.  Without knowing for sure...just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it does not exist.  Having almost died recently, this individual should really consider keeping all his options open.  Unfortunately, too many people don't realize how easy it is to come to know Christ and to know for sure He is real.  
"Here’s the deal: I’m a pretty good person. I don’t cheat or steal. I don’t bear false witness. I help my neighbor every chance I get. I do not hold grudges. I don’t hurt humans or animals. I try to see the best in everyone.
I don’t care what color, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation my friends espouse. I believe in equality for all, fairness for all, opportunity for all. I don’t believe any one person walking this earth is worth more than any other.
I haven’t killed anyone, I haven’t endorsed killing anyone.
I have lied, much to my shame. I pulled some pranks in my youth I regret. I made some decisions in my adulthood that I deeply regret. I’ve held opinions that were wrong, I’m sure I hold opinions that are wrong today. I’ve made mistakes, but I’m pretty damned sure I’m a good person who will leave a legacy of decency. As will my wife, my brothers and their families, and my friends.
My main mission in life, other than making life wonderful for my wife, is doing everything in my power to leave this a better, a more-caring world. I believe in love for all mankind, I believe in the advancement of all mankind. I do not believe in elites – human or god.
I believe there is a supreme being; there has to be to explain what we our humble race hasn’t been able to wrap it’s collective brain around.
That said, if there is a supreme being and he or she doesn’t think that’s enough, if he or she is offended by something I say in pursuit of fairness for all, if he or she demands unquestioning obedience and faith, if that supreme being allows the horrors that have swept this planet during the reign of human beings, then I don’t care to be associated with that entity.
I choose to hope our supreme being is just and honorable and makes no judgments based on religious rules and regulations propagated by men with agendas. For what it’s worth, I believe in the teachings of men such as Jesus and Buddha, both of whom (and others) could quite possibly be representatives of a supreme being.
If we are being judged, I believe judgment reflects what we’ve done on Earth, not on some blind faith.
As to my health, I believe none of us gets out of this alive. I believe an afterlife is possible, but have my doubts. I don’t believe in hell. To me, hell is a crutch used by vengeful, angry people.
I believe I’m an old man who has decided I am not going to my grave saying: “I wish I’d stood firm in my beliefs. I wish I’d spoken up.”
If I’m wrong, at least I’ve been as true to myself as I can." 

Matthew 7:21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.


Boondoggle said...

I don't cheat, steal or kill, either. I respect everything alive and live as a productive member of society and all that without a care if there is a supreme force or being. It does not really matter to me.

Joseph Quigley said...

May God give this deluded gentleman the grace to believe in the worlds savior, the lord Jesus Christ

Larry G said...

there is a bit of a problem with the narrative here.

how does anyone truly know that GOD said the things claimed - from a book that a King of England had commissioned written by other men? Why would anyone stake their life on the accuracy of any of it to start with?

Who can be so sure that they're believing in what GOD actually said when it could be what others have written what they THINK he said ?

More than that, why does it really matter that much in the first place if one has found God and does not want or need one book interpretation to divide him from other religion folks that use different books?

Why do a hefty number of people who say they believe in GOD and the Bible have such animus and even hate towards others these days especially in politics?

I'm sorry. The God I believe in does not lead me to the hate I see being espoused these days by people who claim to be with God. It's inexplicable to me.

I simply do not feel the need to be haranguing others in the name of God - - my own personal views, and I'm quite sure God don't think much of it either.

People who truly believe in God don't need to be looking down their noses at others much less vocalizing it with a holier than thou attitude that creates more conflict.

I've seen enough of the moralistic right in politics these days to last me forever. I am not at all impressed with their idea of God.

HIgh Desert said...

This used to be a friendly blog, now it attacks people and tries to tell them they are bad people! Whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

All I can say to the people who say we are basing our faith on a book written by men is that, Faith is believing what you cannot see. Heb 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 2 Tim 3:16 All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.
So by Faith we believe that it is written by God for us. What you find foolish we believe is truth. For that truth we endure your disdain.
There is too much religion in the world and it is leading men astray from the truth.
In Acts 16:13-15 It says God opened the heart of a woman named Lydia to believe the truth. May God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ give to John Wells some Lydias through his sharing on this blog.

Anonymous said...
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Margery Bills said...

Sup folks? Ha,ha,ha :-) I get a kick out of these posts (How dull might my life be). I can't do anything about other people. I can only work on myself. But Fox news had a wake-up feature last night. The experts seriously said it would be possible for the U.S. to be attacked by the middle eastern people in the next 3 months or so. Wake up call. Terrorism cells have spread throughout north Africa, northeast Africa, and the middle east. The oil in Iraq is 150 miles north of Baghdad which Isis was approaching. Also they say there are many people here from there. We have been threatened before. I just pray to God and enjoy each day as I go.

pamit said...

Gosh, John, the "humanist" gave you a lengthy, thoughtful answer, and you dismiss him with a sneer and a bible verse? Hmm.

I'll take that humanist in my spiritual foxhole any day, over a fire-and-brimstone prepper such as yourself. Sorry to be blunt, but Larry G is right: you appear to be moving in a scary direction. My advice is to read more New Testament, less Old!

Ron Kincaid said...

The greatest p;roof for the existence of God is the nation of Israel.

El Bandito Frito said...

This suffering man whom you leapt upon to criticize is doing the will of God by being honest, and he is keeping his door open, by saying basically that he refuses an unjust God.
Do you love a just God? Yes?
Then you have no issue with him.

bayrider said...

In my 59 years I have come to see that most everything pious I have been told all my life is largely a lie. Why on earth would I believe literally in a religion that has been written and rewritten over thousands of years by numerous power factions to suit their own ends? It's true that formal religion is the oldest form of manipulation. I try to respect other peoples religious views but I have had enough with those who have such rigid and unyielding beliefs when they fly in the face of all reason and experience. Christians are just being used, same as the Muslims.

I do believe that there is a spiritual force underlying life and the universe, beyond our rational comprehension. The idea that I would take other peoples word as the literal truth is preposterous. I admire the Mormon community's values but their religious dogma is purely delusional and even they know it.

What was the first thing you said yesterday? Always be a skeptic. Government and religion are even more entrenched, dishonest and manipulative than the media.

Stephen Sykes said...

John did nor "neer" at anyone. For all the humanists and atheist followers on this blog you ought to know better. John is above all respectful to all. That said, to a Christian, it is with deep sadness that we see others who are making soul decisions that are eternal. That said, please respect the believers to say what they say. We are NOT judging you.
You are free to live without God and that is and will be your choice.

Larry G said...

I think there are many here who believe in God but not necessarily in the religious tradition that John has chosen - and would not presume to lecture John on "options" and would appreciate the same consideration in return.

why is there a need to lecture others much less presume they do not believe in God or worse, have the Gaul to label people who say they believe in God as "humanists", "atheists", "leftists" and "liberals" because they object to being lectured and proselytized to on the subject?

Why would any of us - treat others like that - in the name of God?

that's not a Christian ethic in many folks minds including mine. I respect others choices even if I don't agree with them...

I would suggest that - that is "respect".

Here's a respectful suggestion:

why don't we all keep our respective religion and relationship with God to ourselves - and focus on John sharing his experiences with us and the rest of us appreciating and celebrating his life and let each of us keep his own counsel with God?

John Wells said...

Larry G said...

I appreciate the "manifesto" but it is but one of hundreds written by many different people according to their view of the world.

you are certainly entitled to believe it is the word you should believe

but allow others that same ability, please..

and don't lecture to us about preferred views and DON'T tie it to politics.

the last thing in the world we need is more religion - more single-minded religion infesting our politics.

whether it's Ireland, or Bosnia, or Iraq or Sudan - you religious folks seem to want to kill each other over your differences.

we don't need that kind of "religion" brought to the US.

we were actually created as a country trying to get away from those who would impose their religion on others.

Please be kind and tolerant enough to understand that others with different views also believe in God and believe in not condemning others with different views or killing them.

You've messed up John Wells.

let others find their way to God without your "need" to tell them what you think is the only right way.

Believe what you want. Allow others that same choice.

I M Seine said...

Sectarianism, people killing people in the name of their preferred god will be the end of our species. Please, less religion and more sanity. Please