Thursday, May 7, 2015


Finished casting the blanks today.  118 rounds from 2058.6 grams of sterling silver flatware.  Each piece is 1" in diameter and an eighth inch thick and weigh an average of 17.4 grams.  Lots of sanding, stamping, tumbling, and polishing before they go to market next month.  86,96,58,0,B


Margery Bills said...

Gosh, just imagine doing all that work in those conditions - open air, heat, cold, wind, sun, sand, blowing sand, rain. That's a lot different from working in ones work shop or pole barn with heat or air, radio or t.v., monitored lighting, microwave - coffee or tap water, etc. I guess it's a matter of perspective. People who lived outside during the sub-zero snowy winter in Alaska felt truly uncomfortable going into a well-lit, warm lunch room. And I was remembering the other day as I drove near North Star Mall how repulsed and disgusted I felt driving there 25 years ago when I went there from the wilderness of Alaska back to civilation.

Ronald Mahan said...

Mr. Wells is both a "Weather Warrior", and a fellow that has built for desert living. Thanks to his Pepino II, John now has a nice temperature controlled Cabin to relax in & work on small jobs. And for larger heat producing jobs - like creating silver coins - he can get in the shade of his large barn. ------------- The blistering heat of South Texas - can hurt you just as quickly as the cold Alaskan climate.

Margery Bills said...

True, Ronald.