Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Here are the 3 stages of finish before the stamping:
1. Fresh from the mold 
2. Random orbit sanded with 220 grit 
3. Hand sanded with 320, then 400, then buffed with 000 steel wool.
Note:  Only about .3 grams per coin is lost in this finishing process 
76,83,62, .35",B


Margery Bills said...

Looks good.

remmij said...

236 sides… mind the cuff, don't want another appendage malfunction…
r-o-t-a-t-o-e -rrrrrrr cuffffff - Quayle/tiggerrrr… style
it's all Pooh
maybe there is a children's book @ tfl???
—The House at BenBud Corner—

remmij said...

…not a Nye guy, but this is interesting —

George Alexander said...

John is there a stamp of the first minting. If so would it be possible for a chance to get a first print and second print? I missed the first one.

John Wells said...

Yes...I will be making a limited edition of the 2013 coin as well.