Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What happens in Vegas...

While what happened in Las Vegas is certainly a horrible tragedy, at least we are done hearing about the NFL now. For about a week I had been commenting on Facebook that I wonder what the next issue will be that will drown out the last.  Interesting how some really important issue grabs the attention of everyone on social media for as long as their attention span will allow - or until something new comes along. How many times has the gun issue come to the forefront only to fade away after people lose interest and move on to the next pressing issue? One might think they could stay on point about gun deaths but it seems that so called "mass shootings" are the only thing that gets their attention...and for only so long. Perhaps it is because overall gun violence is most common in poor urban areas and frequently associated with gang violence, often involving male juveniles or young adult males. I guess poor young bad guys killing each other isn't as bad as a sudden "attack on a large group of innocent victims".  At least 40 people are murdered every day in the US, yet there is no daily outcry.  Although "mass shootings" are slightly on the rise lately, they still account for a small fraction of overall gun-related deaths (yet they always get extensive coverage in the media).  It should be noted that from 1968 - 2017, approximately 1.5 million people have been killed by firearms in the U.S. It that same time period, Americans have asserted their "right to choose" by willfully killing over 50 million babies in abortion clinics at a current rate of over 3,000 per day.  An "attack on a large group of innocent victims" that never gets a whisper in any media.


Steve said...

If Rep. Tim Murphy is on here, perhaps he would care to comment.

shawn said...

2/3 of the 33,000 deaths in America yearly by guns are by suicide. A major problem that’s gets little press, but leads the list of gun related deaths in our country. The sad truth is more Americans die by gun suicides than gun homicides.

Todd said...

Real Americans that have read and truly understand the principles the nation WAS FOUNDED ON, also understand the absolute uncompromisable principles that the right to bear arms is based on. And while many will scoff, that basis is the willingness to die and or kill those who would infringe on the freedoms our forefathers fought to give us. We live amidst a propaganda organ these days by guys who know that disarming the American people to any degree signals the inevitable end of their freedom, even if it takes generations to achieve. While many bellyache about Republicans unwilling to waver on this position, let it be known and shouted from the rooftops that everyone's personal ability to defend themselves and their people is their sovereign right in this nation. Let this principle never falter, regardless of the propaganda efforts of our occupiers.


The naysayers ought Stop downtalking those who under the present regime of liberal mass media scrutiny , and considerable reputational and career risk continue to against all odds defend your right to do so. We are an nation of individuals endowed with unalienable rights granted by our creator, and we retain the right to bear arms to defend these unalienable rights.

Keep in mind perhaps the most powerful Jew in the United States, Sheldon Adelson owns not only a significant portion of congress, but also owns Las Vegas to a large degree. Tyrants since time eternal eventually wind up of the realization that often the only thing standing between their aspirations being put into action is an educated armed population. Choose personal responsibility, choose American, choose the right to bear arms. There is a tribe largely in control of much of US affairs at present with alternative allegiances. Don't fall for their ploys, be a good American and cowboy up.

Best advice I can offer tonight, Godspeed all.

Todd said...

Steven King used the name Flagg for the personification of the devil on earth, and in the final showdown in the movie Flagg went to Las Vegas in the movie The Stand.

For those unaware, Flagg Ranch is the name of the Ranch owned by the Rockefellers that is conveniently placed between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on a rather rough ranch road.

Flagg was also in the Dark Tower series of Steven King books. The premise being that anyone well learned enough to scale the Dark Tower would achieve the ability to become a god.

As a side note, when the wife and I attempted to visit Flagg ranch last year but were blocked repeatedly by wild fires. We were disappointed.

The meeting of the most powerful people in the world, the Central Bankers occurs every year nearby in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Dick Cheney calls Wyoming home and many speculate on the Bush family bring closely linked to the Rockefeller dynasty.

Just wanted to see if any of this information rings a bell for any others.

I also noticed GW Bush was a follower of Benita's Facebook page way back when.


Mark Withers said...

Your comments are “spot on”. Guns are tools that can be used to cause a tragedy or stop a tragedy, but every death is still a tragedy. I am fully aware I am responsible for every bullet I fire.

Our attention needs to be focused, not on the guns, but on the mindset in our society that life is not valuable and worth preserving. But then we would have to think about all those abortions, wouldn’t we? It is much safer to judge and criticize guns than our own behavior.

Ronald Mahan said...

John Wells gave us some staggering statistics on deaths by firearms and abortions in the U.S. for 1968 to 2017.



Lets summarize - The American people kill 333 percent more human lives by abortions - than they do by guns.

My thoughts on these issues:

1. No civilians need to have "Bump Stock" attachments on their rifles - which increases the rate of fire. And Congress should outlaw them!

2. More importantly, I pray that the American people get this slaughter of innocent babies stopped. Congress & our President should get abortions stopped. I suspect stopping abortions - is one of the major reasons many Christians voted for Trump to be President. Abortions kill babies and is a violation of God's Commandment - "You shall not kill."

If TRUMP helps to get this slaughter stopped - fewer will slander our American President - calling l him:

"Godless. fornicating. money grubber".

Ronald Mahan said...

And I hope it worries the heck out of pro abortion crowd - that President Trump has has already placed a conservative judge on the Supreme Court. And that judge is unlikely to favor the continued slaughter of innocent babies by abortions..

And if Trump gets to place another conservative juror on the Supreme Court- the abortion industry will be put out of business - way before Congress can act.

Larry G said...

not speaking pro or con but more than 90% of the countries in the world allow abortion and outlawing here won't stop it - certainly not for those who have the price of an airline ticket for a couple of days of vacation at an offshore island with "providers" that are not necessarily full fledged doctors.

I'm thinking it would likely create a new industry of "mini" overnight vacations...with beach time and margaritas.

That's the real world.

you have to convince much of the rest of the world to make a ban truly effective...

Ronald Mahan said...

Larry G. ---- And what will that profit them - if God sends them to HELL - for taking the life of babies? And I doubt there will be any beaches or margaritas there?

Larry G said...

lots of folks going to hell for all sorts of reasons... but if I understand correctly - sinners can be forgiven.. if they accept Christ as their Savior


I'm not always exactly certain what the terms and conditions are.. these days..

Margery Billd said...

:-) Larry - terms and conditions? That is cute. Some people say we make our own Heaven and Hell right here on earth. Some religions say we are reborn. What if we come back at flies. Or what if they or pets are E.T. Spies. Yes Heaven is something to strive for.

Larry G said...

Well Margery .. we got all these different religious "brands" selling the same product.. and each of them have their own terms and conditions...

One promises you this if you do that.. the other says if you do that you go to hell..

very confusing.. I watch Peter Popoff some nights... and holy moly - the man is worth 10 million dollars selling little plastic pouches of "holy water"!!

I wonder if he's going straight to hell .. or heaven?

Ronald Mahan said...

Larry & Margery ------ I am no expert on "TERMS & CONDITIONS" - nor do I have any idea of how "little plastic pouches of "holy water" could help me get to heaven. I think I had best just put my trust in Jesus - and let him take care of those details.

Larry G said...

Ronald..can't disagree...