Monday, August 25, 2008

Antelope Lodge

Spent the morning doing more planning on the battery house and going over my list for the supply run to Alpine. At this stage in my life I seem to do an inordinate amount of planning before actually jumping into a project. I tend to try to visualize each step first. Checked the mail at noon - nothing yet for me...expecting books from Amazon and some parts from Harbor Freight. After having been swamped in last week for a couple of days I was getting a bit stir crazy. Called The Antelope Lodge - my favorite cheap ($35/night for Terlingua Ranch residents) hotel in Alpine in the off chance their bargain room was available and it WAS. I have gotten to know the owners and the folks that work there and they are all sweet as pie and I love the rooms because they are like little cottages. Each room has its own kitchenette and separate bathroom, cable tv, and wifi. So I decided to treat myself on a little overnight getaway before the next batch of rain comes through. Gettin my fill of cable tv tonight. Loading up on materials and groceries in the morning then will head back to base camp and get back to work.

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Garden Buddies said...

"At this stage in my life I seem to do an inordinate amount of planning." Well John, you know what they say "Measure twice and cut once."