Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chelada Buddhism

I think I descovered the secret to efficient ( if not so cost effective ) shopping runs. After coming yesterday afternoon and relaxing for the evening at the Antelope Lodge - my shopping today went especially well. Even though it is only a 60 mile drive each way to Alpine, doing a round trip in one day, plus the shopping has always seemed to be an ordeal. One day trips seem to make me anxious and I end up hurrying through the list and always forgetting something vital. Today was absolute leisure as far as spending goes....got everything on my list plus some things I needed but hadn't thought of.
An interesting thing happened to me late last night....I woke up seeing some lights and hearing a car and jumped out of bed - realizing as soon as my feet hit the floor that I was not out in the desert and someone wasn't driving up to my hut in the middle of the night. Being amused at my confusion, I found it a bit difficult to get back to sleep.

Arrived home at 5PM and unpacked all my goodies. In addition, I have 180 cinder blocks and 20 bags of concrete being delivered on Thursday - Hope it doesn't rain between now and then!

A couple of books I ordered arrived in the mail today. My brain food for the next couple of weeks of nighttime reading will be Buddhism for Dummies and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. Both to be taken in with my new preferred evening cocktail - the Chelada - Budweiser and clamato juice. I know it sound weird but Budweiser actually cans this concoction and it is absolute genius as far as beer goes. Could life get any better than this?

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EcoHeliGuy said...

In Canada we would call that a beer with "clam" very common drink here.