Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turbine Flying!

Been swamped in now since Wednesday. Mostly cloudy and only one light sprinkle today - otherwise the most perfect of days. Took all day to finish up and mount my first wind turbine since I moved to SW Texas. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment at today's endeavours. The norm in flying wind turbines for the first time is that there is absolutely NO wind, but in my case today it was absolutely perfect - the bird took off as soon as the mount was tilted into place. I couldn't ask for a better day. I will go to bed happy tonight. Such a good day that I uploaded a new video to YouTube of my wind turbine.

My friends Chuck and Kathy drove out today in their 4 wheel drive "go anywhere vehicle" to check on me - BUT THEY DIDN'T BRING ICE! and they rutted out the road in the worst spot. My neighbor Capt. Kirk came by to see my wind turbine just before I mounted it. He said he drove his quad in to the store yesterday - AND DIDN'T BRING ME ICE EITHER!

Took a drive at 5:30PM to check the road....all good except for the worst spot that is still goopy. If no rain tonight, I should be able to get out tomorrow morning - worst case scenario, I will drive as far as I can and ride the electric bike the rest of the way so I CAN GET SOME ICE!

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