Sunday, August 31, 2008

Concrete Event

Sunny day today until about 4PM. Now just partly cloudy. Chance of a thunderstorm tonight buy I'm feeling luck. My wind turbine is still spinning nicely. It's truly amazing extracting energy from nature this way. I could stare at the thing for hours.

Poured the slab for the battery house foundation this morning. Mixed up a total of 7 bags of concrete in three batches from my wheel barrow. The whole process only took about 2 hours and now its done - I always takes me awhile to psyche myself up for a day of mixing concrete.

Had a visit again today from another neighbor. He rutted out the road even worse in the bad spot. I was going to drive my truck to there and ride the bike the rest of the way but I figured I couldn't do much more damage so drove all the way in FOR ICE! A longhorn cow must have recognized the truck because she came running and frantically mooing when she saw me...unfortunately, I didn't have any range feed with me to toss out. She chased me for about 100yds with her calf right behind but finally stopped. Funny watching her looking a bit perplexed as I drove by with no snack offers this time

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John D Baxter said...

I would have had to go back for some if I saw her chase me that far.